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O Rings, U Seals, V Seal, Lip Seal, Wipper Seals

    Application : - Pumps and Valves, Hydraulic and Pneumatics cylinder,

                          mechanical seals, Actuators, Filter, Engine, Motors,
                          Lubricating system.

Oil Seals

    A - Type : Metal inserted.
    B - Type : Metal Claded or Outside Metal.
    C - Type : Closed type or MOC Type.

    Application : Gears, Transmission Drives, Pumps, Engines, Cranes,

                        Motors Washing Machine, Auto Industries & Agricultural
                        Pesticide Pumps and Sprayers.


    Saunder Akay Valves, Electrical and pneumatic Control Valves pressure

    regulaters, Valve positioner, Ball and Butterfly Valve, Solenoids Valve
    with Brass-mild steel, Stainless steel stud and also reinforced with fabric,
    Nylon, canvas, rayoncord, wiremess.


    Flange packing, Pipe fittings, Filters, Electrical Instrument Panel Board,
    Electrical Transforner, Lead packing for plastic drums and Carbouys.

Metal to Rubber Bonded Product

    Foundation pad, Buffers, Coupling bush with M.S., Brass, S.S. Bearing
    Cover, Brake pad.

*  Extruded Profile

    Chords, Sleeves, (Coloured and Transparent), Strips Belt, Gaskets, and

    different profiles mainly used in electrical panel Boards, Computers and
    Tele-communication Staton Cover Gasket, Conveyor System, Dyeing
    and Oven packing, Cement and fertilizers plant, Automobiles and
    Docks. Switchgear and electrical fittings.
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